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A leather key case, coin purse, leather checkbook cover, eyeglass case, card case or key ring makes a fine addition to your personal leather goods

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  Accessory items like leather check book covers get constant use and genuine leather works best. Genuine leather goods are enjoyable to use and truly become your personal leather goods the more you use them.

Leather Checkbook Cover $30.00

Cover shown on the left is made using oak tanned calf skin with raw edges, and is hand stained med. brown. This is the kind of leather checkbook cover that will look even better after years of use. This style leather cover and the top stub leather check book cover are also made in leather with folded edges, credit card pockets and pen holder.

Check Book cover $32.00

shown in Black Buffalo Calf leather.

Zipper Closure

Top stub leather checkbook cover for 4" x 6" check binders. $86.00 shown in Black Buffalo Calf leather.  The Buffalo Calf leather checkbook covers all have two credit card pockets that will hold several cards each and have a pen holder. The brown and black buffalo calf leather is the same leather that is used on my men's and women's wallets. These items are fine leathergoods made from expensive leather and are a wholesale value at this price.

key case with ring $12.00

Unsnap and weight of keys drops them down for use. Pull the strap up and snap and keys are held inside cover. Curved shape slides easily into pocket (4" x 3" closed). Made in all handbag colors. The rings are chrome plated spring steel. This is the same system Hermes uses for the key case on their wierd $9,000 handbags. The benifit of this design is that it keeps the keys from wearing a hole in your pants. Not made in Hand Stained leathers.

Braided key ring $10.00

This item is the most commented on. They either love it, or their wife took it when it arrived and won't give it back.
 Turks head knot keeps fob from slipping through fingers and can hold in corner of pants pocket with loose ends out for easy retrieval of keys. This works inside handbag pocket also.
  With Knot held inside fist and strap extending through fingers several keys can be an effective self defense weapon.
  Aprox. 14" long, ( you can cut ends shorter if you want). This is a fun key ring to own and is often mentioned by my customers as something they enjoy. How often do others get feedback like "It tickles my leg when I drive". Better get 2 because others will want one when they see yours. Made in Black and Brown. Not available in Hand Stained Calf.
Accordian Coin Purse

Item B: Accordian Coin Purse

3 pockets for coins, stamps, spare key etc. $6.75 Measures 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" Snap closure. Shown in Cedar color, made in assorted handbag colors.

Item E: 2 Pocket Card case $10.75

4-1/2" x 2-3/4" when closed, holds around 50 business cards. Available in buffalo calf leathers used for my machine sewn wallets. Shown in brown buffalo calf

Item K: Spring frame snap purse $8.75 for the small size (2-1/2" x 3-7/8") and $9.75 for the large size (3-1/2" x 4-3/4"). Made in soft assorted brown and black leathers. Squeeze frame ends and pouch pops open. Release and snaps shut. Makes a good change purse or for jewelry. DON'T LOSE those ear rings. Actually a lot of fun just to play with to hear it pop shut

Item # F1 Eyeglass case with belt/pocket clip

made from 4 oz. oak leather, with pigskin lining, is available for $24.75 View case F1 with Belt Clip This one is 6" high and 3" wide. The clip is for belts up to 1-1/2" wide. Shown in Med. Brown. This is a firm oak leather... (Like belt leather) yet it can be shaped to fit your glasses. Email me for instructions if you need a better fit than delivered.

Item #1479 Key Fob Key Ring $10.75

Card holder attached to key ring. Fleet owners use these for gas cards, proof of insurance, and other info about a particular vehicle, maybe you have another use. Made in assorted cowhide leathers.

Item #68 Old time spiral squeeze purse $6.75

All leather old time coin purse. Available in Black and brown only. Folded in tight spiral when closed, squeeze to pop open. Leather coin purse gets better with use. Not made by LeatherGoods Connection, and maybe not as good as they used to be, but as close to the real thing as you will get. Don't expect it to be the same as one you lost after 20 years of use until you use it for 20 years.
key Case

Item #SP: Snap frame key case. $12.75

This is a snap frame pouch with a key ring attached by a nylon cord from inside. Squeeze the pouch open and drop your keys either in or out. (2-1/2" x 3-7/8") Made in soft assorted brown and black leathers.
Belt loop keyring holder

Belt loop keyring holder $10.75

Leather belt loop with snap and snap hook. Use for keyring, pocket knife etc.
Belt loop keyring holder

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