North East Georgia Rental Apartments

I will leave the previous iteration of this posting below until I finalize how we want to go. This is something new for Fall 2021

What we have are two fully furnished one bedroom apartments. One is a guest apartment at the main house on the estate, the other is just down the road in the gardeners building. The gardeners apartment is more private as the one at the main house is below the main residence ... what someone called a basement apartment and my uncle called a Mother in Law apartment. It's actually a ground floor apartment with parking just outside. The gardeners building apartment has front door covered parking on a private 3 acre wooded lot.

The first draft

Judy... help me out here. What do we tell people... short term rental, fully furnished.. what else? 572 Cedar Ave. Demorest, one bedroom, washer, dryer, kitchen... yeah the koureg thing or whatchamacallit, wifi... all the usual stuff, do I have to list the egg poacher ... jeez... parking at the door,

Right... no need to tell them what is in the area.. can get that on their phone or let those air bed places brag about it as if it makes their place special because they are 20 Min. away from Helen.

Call or text for pricing and availability.

Can I tell them about the creek trail right from the door? No need to drive to some tourist area... our own private nature reserve. After all, this is the North East Georgia mountains, only yards away from the real world... our own secret place. Deer? nah... they are everywhere, what about that wading bird we saw walking up the creek? Hey I don't know ... looking for fish or crawdads or something. Yeah, good Idea. Tell them to bring bread to feed the fish....

Pictures, yes .. yes can do that... doesn't really show the reality of it though.... video? not sure I can do that and this is a private place... video still wouldn't capture it. Don't want to violate our privacy to that degree.

ok, show them what google earth has. Good Idea, let them know this is the real deal. Bummer... can't figure out how to do that, just wants to save link... sorry Jude. They will have to enter 572 cedar ave. Demorest GA in Google themselves. Stopped them at the gate...HA ... if only it were that easy...we have other pictures though. Hey, wait, think I got it as a screen shot...

What we need is a sign that says "Google Ends Here" or "Leaving Google Earth", I believe GPS says you are here before you actually are... if that is possible.


OK I'm ready for the apartment pictures.

It's obviously the kitchen... she says, just load them all.

Obviously not a basement apartment

Just noticed, There is no picture of the counter and sink area in the bedroom next to the closet that I made for you to use while I take the second shower.

At some point I am going to have to explain why this apartment is on my web site ... we have had college interns with J&J use our guest apartments. Our location is convenient for them as well as for people needing to be near Piedmont University (actually, walking distance) We have a great place and like making it available for others to enjoy.... met some really nice young people. I've had this website for over 20 years so maybe Google will index it... hey, use what you have. We aren't going to advertise it.