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<h1>Double Thick Work Belt / Gun belt</h1>

The Construction Work Belt / Gun Belt is made for those needing a real leather, more firm belt for use as a tool belt or gun belt. It is made from heavy hand stained oak Harness leather or natural russet Bridle leather. The concept here is to make a belt with the advantages of a double thick belt without making it as heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable.
  This belt is double thick around the back where you need it but not in the front where it buckles. The top layer is 1/4" narrower than the bottom layer making it easier to go through belt loops, and more comfortable, while being close enough to the edge to reinforce it. Keep in mind that the 1-3/4" width is unlikely to fit through your belt loops. Check this before ordering.

double thick leather belt with buckle

double thick leather belt tongue end
This belt is shown above with a strong and practical roller buckle. On this belt we attach the buckle with rivets.

leather belt buckles to choose from The roller buckle shown above, the Garrison buckle on the left, and the #10 buckle shown below are available on this Construction / Gun belt
Buckle #10 Buckle #10
This double thick belt is available in other color combination's and unstained natural russet bridle for serious use as a tool belt or construction belt. The unstained belt as shown below has beveled and burnished edges with wheat stitching.

double thick leather belt in russet leather
double thick leather belt with wheat stitching

Determine the "Center Hole Length" to order.

This diagram shows how I will use the center hole length you supply to make the belt you order. Mobile users- Use bottom scroll bar to see all of diagram.
Measure Leather Belt diagram

Measure the length of the belt you are now using, from the prong (or pin) on the back of the buckle, to the hole in the belt that you normally use. Your new belt will be made using this length so that your new belt will be worn on the middle hole as shown in the diagram.
  Pants are sized to fit your "actual" waist measurement against your skin. Belts need to be longer than that because they go over the top of your clothing. The circumference= Pi x Dia. so 3/8" on each side of your hips for shirt and pants adds .75" to the dia. multiply that by 3.1416 and you find that the belt needs to be 2.35" longer, 1/4" thickness of clothing adds 1.57" Humm... Better and easier to just measure your belt don't you think? Actual practice has shown that this measurement is about 2" more than waist size.
  DO NOT go by a number printed on the back of your belt. Other manufacturers may take that 2" into account when they mark their belts so MEASURE to be sure. Your belt may have stretched with use if you are ready for a new one, so don't just go by what you ordered last time, after all, that was probably 10 years ago if you bought the belt from here.

  The "Center Hole Measurement" is the controlling dimension, don't worry about "Overall" length, I only need "Center Hole Length" as shown on the diagram above. I measure on this end, you measure on your end. As a final bit of wisdom... if you do not own a tape measure... Confucius say, "Cheaper to buy tape than git belt that don't fit".

Double Thick Work / Gun Belt
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Take a look at the Hand Sewn Working Mans Wallet before you check out. Add it to your order and save on shipping.

Going through old images of belts while updating the website I found this interesting one. I don't remember what it was for. The customer had a plan. I didn't know where to put it so I put it here. Maybe it works with this belt if you know the plan.

Belt with leather loop and D-Ring