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Click on the image to enlarge the view of the welt seams featured as a design element on these designer leather goods. This design treatment makes a more flexable seam as well as providing interest and style. Note the attention to detail and the accuracy of the stitching that results from having each bag custom made by a Designer Craftsman with over 40 years of experience, rather than a production worker.

We are no longer making handbags here at LeatherGoodsConnection but I'm leaving this page up as it may be informative and of use to others.

LEATHER: I personally select only the finest full top grain leathers for my products. They are generally cowhide leathers from domestic tanners and finishers though some imported leathers are used. Some unusual and exotic leathers are also available.

LINING: The standard lining material in these bags is a very special tightly woven bonded fabric that is unique to these designer products. It is waterproof, can be cleaned, and is as strong as the leather itself. If for instance, you have an ink pen that leaks inside your bag, chances are that it won't get through the lining and ruin your bag. Conversley, if the bag gets soaked the inside will stay dry. The most important benefit of this high tech material is it's strength and the support it lends to the soft leathers used. When you see this lining you will appreciate how this expensive high tech material makes these designer bags special.

PIGSKIN LININGS: While my designer handbags are as good as they can possibly be, for the ultimate leather lover I also offer full grain pigskin linings in Black and Barley Tan as a luxury option. Orders where Black or Charcoal is selected will come with my special bonded lining for the price shown.

STRAPS:   The handbag straps have no raw edges showing and are adjustible. Note the "keeper" loop provided on these bags that controls the double part of the strap and keeps it lying properly on the polished solid brass dee ring.

STRAP ATTACHMENT: Notice the rugged attachment of the straps (click to enlarge). They are riveted and sewn to a leather backing. The polished brass dee ring allows the strap to swivel as required. Notice that even the tab holding the dee ring to the handbag is folded and sewn. This is an example of how form and function are merged to produce a strong attachment while at the same time creating a pleasing, interesting, and stylish finished appearance.

POCKETS: Because the lining is so strong I can put zipper pockets in the lining, put other open pockets on the inside, and have holders for cards and pens mounted on the lining. These pockets are strong and hold their shape with even the heavest use. I am not limited to having a small pocket that hangs from a flap attached to the top seam in the crude way even famous handbag makers do.

"The Make"
What we call the "Make" determines how the bag will look. Coach bags have a certain look. This is because of the thickness of the leathers they use and the way they they assemble their bags. Dooney & Burke products have a similar make with seams stitched outside and bound.
  Brighton Bags generally have unbound finished outside edges and use firmer finished leathers to make what is called a "Structured" bag.
  Most Imported bags have a different look. You can sense this without knowing why. If you look at their "Make" you will see that the bags are made using thinner softer leathers, inside folded and stitched edges, and are fully lined with padding and stiffeners to add body where needed.
  Most art and craft show bags... that are actually made by the craftsmen... are what are called "Turned Bags" using soft leathers. They are sewn inside out and are then "Turned" right side out with the seams inside. Various methods are used to attach pockets. The bags may or may not be partially lined.
  My bags utilise the best features of these different Makes. They are similar in construction to Coach and Dooney & Burke with outside bound seams, but are improved with folded rather than sealed raw edges. They are fully lined with the pockets and features of the imports but with my special lining that has the strength and durability of the leather itself.
I can custom "Make". This is an example of a fully lined custom made "Turned Bag" with simple strap attachment. This is actually the first "Turned" bag I have made in years and a lot simpler construction than the bags I make today. I'm showing you this to demonstrate how my lining adds strength and form. I can use softer leathers and still have a bag that holds it's shape without having to add padding, stiffiners or use firm finished leathers. Like the art and craft show bags LeatherGoods Connection designs are not found in stores and can be customized to suit your needs.

Because these bags really are custom made, you can have your strap made to an exact length or even request Antique Brass hardware as another option. Simply put a note in the special requests box you are offered at check out. There is no extra charge for minor changes like that.

Handbags of lesser quality sell for as much as $100.00 more at major stores, designer outlets, factory outlets, and top arts & craft shows and are not made to order. Their price is higher because they have priced in the ability to sell their bags wholesale, while the bags available here have more expensive materials and features and are a real value at these direct sale prices. You have my assurance that these handbags will live up to every claim made. Read the Guarantee and the Customer Comments. These goods are the real thing and are made to be used and enjoyed by people who demand the best.

Ordering on the internet may seem less personal than purchasing from a store but here you are actually in touch with the maker. Each bag is custom made to your choice of options and is made with you in mind.

Read this testimonial from j,

You've done a great job with your descriptions on the website - I love what you say about making items that the customer will love from the moment they touch it. That is the absolute truth! And my Courier bag IS like a friend to me - I love how it is wearing in.

And this one from Robin,

You did it again - that extra touch! ... It's absolutely perfect. It's the bag I've been looking for for years. Of course, the craftsmanship is superb - I've learned that's just normal for a Henry Hibbard piece. and the leather is spectacular - squeezably soft and rich... Thank you so much! I think the main thing I'd like to thank you for is making top-notch products that are individualized accessible to regular folks. In other words, it is very special to me that I got to pick the leather and ask for a little bit of a modification to get exactly what I was looking for in a superb quality handbag (a real treat) without having to pay an arm and a leg. I loved paying for this bag because it feels like an honest trade. You give your customers the best and that feels like you respect us instead of only wanting to take advantage of us. Thank you again for the beautiful bag, your time and talent, and the quality and value that you make available. Doing business with you is a rare pleasure.


And this from Radha

I think what was written in you web site is true ---- once we get a bag from you we will never look else where ---- I think that is perfectly true ---- the beauty in quality and design and finish are obvious to anyone who sees the bag.

Now... wouldn't you really rather own custom made leathergoods? Where else can you get something that you need, is usefull, actually works and will make you happy every day? Hey, I'm already married, so that's out, and I make her laugh too.

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By Henry Hibbard