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  Splurging on a new leather handbag is fun and the thing is, you need one, so why not get a fine Custom Made Handbag that will be your friend for years to come.   Now that you have found LeatherGoods Connection why not design yours, you can get more than you thought possible, for less than you would expect for a custom made bag.

SORRY, due to the heavy work load we cannot make Handbags at this time. You can still look around and even see how we make them.
  When handbag production resumes, there will be changes in handbag leathers, styles, and prices due to increased leather cost. Check back to find out when production resumes or join the LGC group at the bottom of the page to receive notification.

  Pick from the styles and options below to design your own, I'll make sure it lasts and is made from fine leather that you will love from the moment you first touch it.
  Do not order my custom bags as gifts. Doing so deprives the recipient of the opportunity to choose their custom options.
  The custom made soft ladies leather handbags made here surpass Coach handbags, Brighton handbags and well known designer purses and pocketbooks by having more functional interiors and more natural leather.
  Designer Handbags with the HenryH U.S.A. Logo are shown on their own pages under the Designer Handbags link on the main menu.

30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

  Imagine how much you will enjoy using and showing off your custom made fine leather handbag instead of advertising a brand.

Pigskin linings now available for all handbags

  Because these leather handbags are custom made, custom strap lengths are not a problem.
  NOW! Have fun picking out your favorite and checking out the features and options! Learn more about our Custom Handbag Features


Most of the leather colors shown on the handbags are no longer available, mostly because of tanneries and suppliers going out of business or leaving the country. The new leathers I am now using are shown on the Leather Colors page that can be reached by links on all handbag pages.

2 Pocket Zipper Handbag-2 Pocket Zipper Handbag-
Leather Hobo handbag-Leather Hobo handbag-
Leather Career Briefcase-Leather Career Briefcase-
Laptop Career bagLaptop Career bag
Side Line Handbag-Side Line Handbag-
Cutie Leather Handbag-Cutie Leather Handbag-
Courier  Leather Handbag-Courier Leather Handbag-
Equestrian Leather HandbagEquestrian Leather Handbag
Large Equestrian Leather HandbagLarge Equestrian Leather Handbag
Leather City Handbag-Leather City Handbag-
Diana Leather Handbag-Diana Leather Handbag-
Leather Tote Handbag-Leather Tote Handbag-
Maxi Tote Leather Handbag-Maxi Tote Leather Handbag-
Harley HoboHarley Hobo
Making a custom leather handbagMaking a custom leather handbag

Handbag Leather Colors

Custom Made Handbags  These American Designer Handbags are original styles or interpretations of classic looks. They are made from expensive materials, have many features and require skilled labor to produce. They are made for the discriminating individual who can appreciate the leather, quality, and value they represent.
  Because I make to order and sell direct, I can offer you more options, provide a unique product with quality and style, and provide personalized service.

  I can't stress enough the importance of the lining material I use that is unique to my products. The leather is for strength and beauty, the styles are for function and look, but the final usefulness and enjoyment depend on the interior. The interior gets as much use as the exterior and needs to be strong, organized and clean. With this lining I am able to combine all these elements to succeed in the final step, where other bags fail. I now have this lining in Khaki and Camouflage as well as Black and Charcoal. The pigskin lining is softer and with a soft leather such as Ultima black the larger handbags will be less structured and may collapse when empty.

  There is a lot of info on this site so check out the links on the main page before you leave. See how we make handbags.

  Become an LGC insider and have access to "Members Only" sale pages containing one-of-a-kind items not shown on this site (when available), get advance notice of events, view recently made custom handbags, learn about new product offerings, get advise on leather repair, post your questions, share your knowledge, tell us what you like, and more. Join LeatherGoodsConnection insider Group.
  To only get notices of important events select: "Special notices - Receive only important email notices from the group moderator" when you sign up. You will still have access to all group services when you log onto the group site.

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  If you have any questions about these handbags or have something special that you want made Please contact me all e-mails answered promptly.
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What customers say about my handbags:

The bag arrived about 10 minutes ago. I opened the box, took out the plastic, and nearly swooned! This bag is so beautiful, so luscious to touch, so delicious to smell, it even SOUNDS good! Every detail is so impressive! The pigskin lining is scrumptious as well. And I really can't get over how flawless the craftsmanship is! It's so perfect that I had to start searching for some tiny imperfection somewhere...NONE! Thank you so much for this absolutely gorgeous bag. I'll be back!

Sincerely, Robin Holmes

Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
  The quality of the bag I received surprised me. It is truly beautiful, and every finish detail shouts excellent craftsmanship. Prompt service too.
Linda Richmond

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