Hangbag Leather Colors


I tried getting the true color for this one in all kinds of light. This is the best I could do, but it isn't a match. It is closer to the color on the Large Tote handbag. This image shows the grain well though. The color is a more true brown, "Fudge" or "Chocolate. This is a soft naked leather with a glove leather feel. What naked means is it was drum dyed at the tannery and no finish was applied to the surface. This means that it will darken with use and get more leather "Character". This leather is soft but thick enough to maintain handbag structure.

Black Dove

This has very little finish and gave me the same photo problems as the Chocolate. It shows the grain perhaps a little too exaggurated, it was a close up shot. It's Black with a slight natural matte grain and soft feel. This leather is on the thick side and a good choice for the briefcases and larger bags.

Dark Wine

This is a finished Italian shrunken grain leather. The color is close to actual color and the grain is shown well.

Red Wine

This is the same Italian tannage as the Med. Brown. I had some problems with reflectivity on this one. The red color is actually uniform throughout.


The color and grain are close to true on this one. The finish is the same as on the Italian leathers. This leather is slightly thinner than the others but still firm enough to maintain handbag structure. Not recommended for the briefcases.

Ultima Black:

Through dyed, smooth #1 top grain cowhide. Shown as the DIANA handbag body leather. I like this leather for trim and straps.

Pigskin Linings:

The Black is a full grain pigskin as is the Barley. The Barley is a tan/ straw/ wheat color.

Bonded Lining Colors

Camouflage, Black, Khaki, Brown (not in stock)
Charcoal shown in handbag views.

  Because of the difficulty associated with showing the leather color, quality and softness on a computer monitor, leather and lining swatches are now available for only the cost of shipping and handling.
  I am pleased to show potential customers the quality of the materials I use in making my custom leathergoods.

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