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The products shown are used in making handmade leather goods and for refurbishing worn leather items. See "Making a Handmade leather belt" and "Leather Care" for some of their uses. Ordering menu, where you can select the item you want, is at the bottom of the page .

Leather Dye

  For dying leather shoes, belts, handbags, saddles, harness etc. Not recommended for use on finished leathers. Use on unfinished and naked leathers. Available in Black, Dk. Brown, Med. Brown, Lt. Brown. Put desired color in request window at check out. 4 oz. bottle supplies enough to dye approx. 10 leather belts, includes dauber applicator $6.60

Leather Balm

  Specially formulated for cleaning, softening, polishing and restoring smooth leather. Buffs to a rich satiny gloss. Use on my handmade belts after break in. Do not use on suede or fibrous finish leathers. Apply with sheepskin pad and buff. Neutral color. 4 oz. bottle supplies enough to finish over 10 belts. $6.60


  Protective moisture resistant finish for all smooth leathers. Can be used over Fiebings leather dye as a sealer or to repair scuffed smooth finish leathers. Neutral color 4 oz bottle supplies enough to seal several belts or refinish several handbags. $6.60


  Clear sealer for use after leather dye. $6.60

Edge Kote

  Flexible water resistant surface coating for smooth leather edges. Dries to a medium gloss. Rub gently for a brighter finish. Available in Brown and Black. 4 oz bottle supplies enough to edge 20 or more belts $7.75

Neatsfoot Oil

  The natural preservative for all leather articles subjected to rugged use and exposure. Used before exposure, it repels water and protects against the stiffening effect of repeated wetting-dry cycles. Used after exposure it is a restorative... makes dried out leather soft and pliable. Used on untreated oak leather belts before dying it makes them more supple and counteracts the drying effect of spirit dyes. Apply with Dauber or sheepskin pad. 8 oz bottle supplies enough to treat 10 belts or several pair of work boots. $6.60

Mildew OFF

Use on: Canvas, Vinyl, Leather, Cloth, Concrete, Tile, and Painted surfaces. Chlorine free, non flammable, Bio-Degradable
Dampen area to be treated. Spray on liberally, brush or sponge Vigorously. Let stand 10-15 min. Rinse with fresh water. Then let completely dry.
Check for color fastness first! You are going to be getting the leather wet so the best thing to do is get it evenly wet, doing a small area will probably leave a water mark. This is new and I haven't used it myself. Let me know your results. 2 oz bottle $8.00

Leather belt strips

Harness leather belt strips cut from 10-12 oz. natural oak, long enough to make a 44" belt. 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" width $18.00, 1-3/4" width $20.00

Leather Billets

Leather billets for 3/4" buckle sets. This is a pair of billets used for making Ranger Belts. Cut from the same 9 oz. oak leather as the belt strips. Shown on the ranger belts on the Harness Leather Belt page. $6.60

Chicago Screws

2 Piece screw together fasteners that look like a rivet when installed. Used for attaching belt buckles. Specify brass or nickel two sets $4.00

Belt buckles

Solid brass belt buckles. Specify width and style from buckles shown on harness leather belt page, Dress belt page, and Ranger belt page in comments window on check out page. End bar and center bar buckles are $16.00 Four piece buckle sets from Ranger Belt page are $25.00

Industrial Strength Cement

4 oz. tin with brush, Industrial Neoprene cement. Excellent cement for bonding leather, waterproof and flexible. I've used this cement for years. It works well and dries clear. $9.95

Seam Tape

60 yard roll 1/4" wide double sided high tack seam tape. $8.10

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Be careful with these products, results vary depending on technique and the finish on the leather.