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Order Accessories/Price varies with Item

Select the Item number code and color of the accessory you want to order from the drop down menu. Then press the order button. There is a special request window at check out where you can type in additional details if necessary. I will email you if I need more information to fill your order.

Forgot your Item # ??? No problem, View Available Items

The price for your item will be corrected to the price shown in the item description when it is placed in the shopping cart. The price correction for each item over $4.75 is shown as (+$00.00) on the menu

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Price will be corrected to match item of your choice$4.75Item:  Color: 

About the numbers next to the item code at check out... In order to offer a lot of different items (with different prices) on the same page (Scrolling is a lot faster than reloading a page for each item) I made the base price be for the cheapest items on the page($4.75). When an item is selected, the price is adjusted to make it equal the price shown with the item description. For instance, Item F(+$12.00) makes the price be $16.75 If in doubt about the price you can click on the order button to put it in the shopping cart where the price will be displayed.
  Another thing to realize is that the accessories are not made in all leather choices. The product description tells what leather choices are valid for that item.