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ring belts
double ring belt  The rings used on these belts are polished solid brass or nickel plated steel. Although these leather belts do not have holes use the Diagram for "Center Hole Length WITH Buckle" for determining your "Center Hole" length. I will do the rest. The end of the double ring belt where it is cut and reversed is sewn with harness stitching. When buckled this a cinch type belt. This belt requires pant loops 1/4" wider than the belt. The single ring belt tucks to the back and looks the same on both sides of the ring when fastened.
The Double Ring belt tongue is reversed and stitched as shown below.
Leather Belt tongue

Measure your regular belt using the diagram below. Measure to the hole you normally use. This may not be the middle hole on your belt. Use this "With Buckle" measurement when ordering your ring belt.
Belt measuring diagram

Harness Leather Colors

Belt Colors diagram

Dark Brown  Medium Brown    Light Brown     Tan

  Bridle leather is now available as a leather choice option for $10.00 more. It can be selected from the leather color menu below. The Bridle leather colors are shown on the Bridle leather belt page.

Use Ordering Help and Frequently asked Questions if you need help with your belt length and options. ACTUALLY MEASURE, DO NOT GUESS OR ASSUME. CUSTOM MADE BELTS ARE NOT RETURNABLE BECAUSE OF INCORRECT SIZE.

Ring Belts
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Got this note from a customer

By the way, I bought a wide, double ring belt from you several years ago, and every time I wear it I get compliments. I have a couple friends who want it left to them in my will. I told them Id wear it to their funeral.
Thanks for the quality and care you put into your belts.
Matthew D.