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1 1/2 inch Three Braid Belt

Seven Braid Belt, Five Braid Belt & Three Braid Belts cut from One solid piece of leather.

  In addition to my special 7 braid belt (above), I also make the Retro style 3 and 5 braid belts popular in the 60's and 70's. (See belts on right) They are a lot easier to make so they sell for less.

These belts are cut and woven from one solid piece of harness leather, hand stained, polished, edge finished and braided. The 1-1/2" three braid is $57.50, The five braids are $67.50
The seven braid woven belt is unique to Leather Goods Connection. It resulted from a challenge by a customer, back in the 70's, who didn't think a seven braid belt using this method was possible. The method shown in craft books WOULD be complicated to use, but I have my own "Simple" method (Cross the braid as many times as the number of strands, through the middle, through the top, repeat). Actually any odd number of strands will work with the mystery braid but the belt will always be narrower in the braided part if you split the belt width into strands and then braid, even more so if you increase the number of strands. That was the real challenge, not the braiding. I make five Braid woven Belt each of the seven strands 5/16" wide. 5/16" times 7 adds up to more than 1 3/4". You figure out how I do it. (Compare width of 7 braid above to the 5 braid, on right)
  The seven braid belt requires more leather than a regular 1 3/4"belt and must be hand cut for each specific length. The belt even has to be cut differently on each end of the braid. The 1-1/4" is $82.50, 1-1/2" $92.50, and the 1-3/4" is $97.50.
  How the seven braids weave into the narrower width is really trick and more interesting on the tongue end of the belt. Sorry... if you want to see that you have to buy one.
  The buckle is attached with Chicago Screws so that it can be exchanged with other buckles of the same width. This is a substantial but flexable belt that gets better with use as the braids mold together.
  Sorry, no sale price on this one. This is the first time I have offered it for sale. Because of the difficulty involved in making it I have only made this belt for special customers who knew about it from word of mouth and requested it.
Also check out my hand stitched wallet on the wallet page that dates from the same era, it's a value for the price and you will enjoy it every day, for years.

Determine the "Center Hole Length" to order.

(copycat websites love my diagrams and instructions)

The length to order is different when ordering a handmade belt WITH a buckle than it is when ordering a belt WITHOUT a buckle. Study the upper belt diagram if ordering a belt without a buckle. If ordering a belt WITH a buckle, scroll down and study the lower diagram.
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Measure Leather Belt

Measure Leather Belt

If you are ordering a handmade belt with a buckle:

  Use the lower diagram to determine your "Center Hole Length". Measure the length of the belt you are now using, from the prong (or pin) on the back of the buckle, to the hole in the belt that you normally use. Your new belt will be made using this length so that your new belt will be worn on the middle hole as shown in the diagram.
  Pants are sized to fit your "actual" waist measurement against your skin. Belts need to be longer than that because they go over the top of your clothing. Actual practice has shown that this measurement is about 2" more than waist size.
  DO NOT go by a number printed on the back of your belt. Other manufacturers numbers may vary and your belt may have stretched with use if you are ready for a new one.

Retro Style Braided Belts

The 1-1/2" wide three strand, 1-1/2" five strand, and the 1-3/4" five strand braided belts are made in the retro style with the width of the belt strip cut into strips and braided (Mystery Braid). The braided portion will be slightly narrower than on the ends. The seven braid belt is special and is the same width as the tongue because of the extra braids

The price for all belts is adjusted depending on the type you select when you place your order in the shopping cart. These belts are a lot of work to make because of all the edges that need to be beveled and finished. Look for these belts under the STYLE option button

Additional Ordering Help and Frequently asked Questions.

View Buckles in inset photo above, Click on image to enlarge.
Or, ask for a 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" buckle from the harness leather belt page in the comments window on the check out page.

Braided Leather Belts
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  I have now bought and received 5 different belts from you and each one of them is unique in and of itself. The most recent one I bought was the braided belt with seven braids. It is perhaps the greatest example of your workmanship of them all. It is truly a work of art the way that this belt is made and how great it looks. The workmanship and quality of the other four belts I have purchased are also quite superb. As so many of your customers have stated, it is a joy to work with you. The time from placing the order to when the belts have arrived at my house is quite amazing in today’s world. To find such excellent quality in your product and the manor in which you deal and care for your customers is a breath of fresh air. I would recommend to anybody that they buy one or several of your products. They will be very pleasantly surprised with the quality and considering these are custom hand made belts, they are a great value in today’s market. I am so glad that when I searched the WEB for handmade belts that I found your WEB site.
Thanks again,