Ladies Western Belts<br>Made in the USA<p>
-Something New-

Ladies Western Belts use the same belt buckle sets as the Ranger Belts. Using the same buckle sets for Ranger Belts and Ladies Western Belts creates a "His and Her" set. The buckle set on these women's belts determines the belt width, either 1" or 3/4". Women might also consider a Tapered belt which can use the same buckle sets.

These are new so no pictures yet, Just visualize thin belts the width of the western buckle sets in bridle leather or hand stained colors.

  These custom made Belts are made with attention to detail, one at a time in the U.S.A. by an experienced leathercraftsman.
  Belts are cut from 9-10 oz. (5/23") oak tanned harness leather and are hand dyed and finished. The edges of the belts are burnished and edge dyed. Harness edge stitching is also available. Harness leather is good for dress belts because of its wax finish.
  The English Bridle leather belts are made from Oak tanned and stuffed bridle leather. They are the same thickness but more supple than the harness leather belts and have a mellow oil finish with a wax topcoat. The bridle leather is prefinished at the tannery in Black, Med. Brown, Dk. Brown, Lt Brown, and Natural. The colors are shown on the Bridle Leather Belt page. Because the bridle leather is finished at the tannery the belts have a more production look than the hand stained harness leather belts that I do individually. The back of the belts can be left natural or dyed and sealed for a really finished look.
  The buckles and keepers are removable so belts can be shipped with or without a buckle or buckle set. If shipped without a buckle set, the tip will be stitched and have finished edges. If you want to install a metal tip you will probably have to trim the tip edges slightly to fit. Use a felt pen to darken the cut edges before final attachment. Provide width and thickness information about your buckle and keeper loops in the comments window during check out.

The buckle set to the left is the new Roper Buckle set #1 in 3/4" width
Buckle set #2 is 3/4" width with Nickle Silver and Gold finish

Set #3 This 3/4" traditional buckle set has really fine etching that doesn't show up as nice in the picture as it really is.

Set #4 in nickel and gold finish

  belts are also available with a 3/4" brass end bar buckle and leather keeper loops. The 3/4" roller buckle shown is no longer available, the replacement is similar but a little longer and easier to buckle.
1" width set
Nickel Silver and Gold finish
3/4" width set
Nickel Silver and Gold finish
Available in 3/4" and 1" width buckle sets
Antique Nickel Silver finish
Available in 3/4" and 1" width buckle sets
Antique Nickel Silver finish
1" width buckle set
Antique Nickel Silver finish
1" width buckle set
Nickel Silver and Gold finish
Available in 3/4" and 1" width buckle sets
Smooth Nickel Silver finish
Click on any buckle image for a larger view.

Belt Colors:

  Hand staining natural leather is like staining wood. Every piece is different. That is one of the things that gives my belts soul, magic, excitement or whatever it is that production belts lack. The colors in the images below are as close to the true colors as I can get. From left to right the colors are, Dk. Brown, Med. Brown, Lt. Brown, and Tan. They, plus Black, are standard colors. In actuality the colors in hand finished leather will vary within the same piece of leather similar to the way the color of wood varies in antiques. Also look at the colors shown on actual belts.

  In the standard colors I use special dyes that give my belts a fine Antique Finish. The belts with the Inca design have more contrast because of the Black finish that is rubbed into the pattern. The Tan is a British Tan luggage color, Lt. Brown is darker with less orange, Med. Brown is more red brown, and Dk. Brown is really dark.

Thread Colors:

  In addition to the Black and Wheat color Harness Stitching I have used in the past I now offer Brown. Lets see what you can do with that as another creative option.   Belts ordered with the Inca tooling are only available in the oak Harness leather.
What one customer has to say
  Bravo Henry! The belt is perfect. Beautiful craftsmanship at a fair price... you can't beat that with a stick. Thanks for doing things the old fashioned way. Were it not for you I'd be walking around wearing one more piece of mass produced imported crap. Rob F.
  Check "Customer Comments" on the main menu to see feedback from other customers.

Belt Length

  Choose the belt length to order from the information provided on the Harness Leather Belt page if you are ordering a belt without a buckle. Depending on your browser speed this link may not load properly and take you to the right part of the page the first time. If not hit Refresh or Reload.
  If you are ordering a belt with a buckle use the "With Buckle" diagram shown below the ordering area (below). ACTUALLY MEASURE, DO NOT GUESS OR ASSUME. CUSTOM MADE BELTS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.

  The roller buckles are solid brass or Stainless steel. The buckle sets have plated die cast buckles and keepers with a nickel or sliver finish. The Chicago screws are Nickel unless a brass roller buckle is selected.

Read ORDERING HELP and Frequently asked Questions. Use the diagram below the order button to determine your center hole size. Then choose your options and order below.

Make a choice in each box. My computer generates a work order based on your choices. Not making a choice will delay your order. Notice that there are so many buckle choices that the drop down menu has a scroll bar.

$75.90Harness or Bridle?:  Size Range:  Length:  Design Pattern?:  Grooves?:  Buckle:  Belt Color:  Stitching:  Belt Back: 

Use the diagram to determine your "Center Hole Length". Measure the length of the belt you are now using, from the prong (or pin), to the hole in the belt that you normally use. This length includes the amount your buckle adds to the length of your belt.
  Actual practice has shown that this measurement is about 2" more than waist size.
  DO NOT go by a number printed on the back of your belt. Other manufacturers numbers may vary and your belt may have stretched with use if you are ready for a new one.
  Don't worry about "Overall" length, I need "Center Hole Length" as shown on the diagram above. Do not guess at the waist size of someone you have not seen for 2 years. I measure on this end, you measure on your end.
  Women may wear pants lower on their hips. So, women, decide where you want to wear it and measure that length. There is an ordering option for the tip length after the longest hole which changes where the tip will fall when the belt is buckled on the middle hole. You will have to tell me that in the comments window on the check out page.