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Our Custom Made Western Texas Ranger belt, Braided belt, Bridle leather belt, Work belt, Harness leather belt, and Wallets are Custom Made in the U.S.A. Shipped within 7 days or less! - No middlemen markups! - Factory direct! - Not Imported! - Finest Quality Leather and Workmanship!
  Too good to be true? It's not! My Trained Leather Craftsmen are shipping custom American Made leather belts and wallets daily! Click on the images or menu for a closer look at our custom made belts and other custom made leather goods   We show how our leather belts are made, and the quality and value we provide so that our customers can make an informed purchase and then build their own CUSTOM MADE item from a large list of options.
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Custom Harness Leather Belt
Tapered Leather Belt
Harness Leather Dress Belt
Custom Dress Belt
Custom ranger Belt
Leather Wallets
  I've gotten a real deal on Horsehide wallet leather enabling me to offer free shipping on ALL BELT orders containing a Horsehide wallet while this batch lasts. The Horsehide leather has an open grain, natural "distressed" finish. I will remove the shipping amount from your order before charging your payment method. This charge removal will not show at checkout.

  Wouldn't you rather own fine custom made designer leather goods that are uniquely yours instead of mass market or imported brand names?
  One customer wrote in to say, "I have done business with other leather providers and their work is but a product. Your leather work is craftsmanship and I can't express just how much I appreciate having it."
  Find out what others have learned about these custom made leather goods. Check out Customer Comments, then explore your options and build your own custom made belt, wallet, or other custom made item.

Mens and womens <br> Leather Wallets
Mens and womens
Leather Wallets

Harness Leather Belts USA
Harness Leather Belts USA

Custom made Ranger Belt
Custom made Ranger Belt

Leather Care
Leather Care


Natural Bridle Leather belt
Custom made Bridle leather Belts
Although these Quality Leather Goods are custom made they usually ship in 2 - 7 days.
"What's New"
Ponderosa Trucker Wallet with braided lanyard
Biker and Trucker wallets and more accessories.
Leather working supplies

  I now offer harness stitching as an accent on the Custom made Harness Leather belts, Bridle leather belts, and western Ranger belts, it Looks Great! It's especially nice on the brown colors! NOW AVAILABLE, the tooling done with my own special tools is back! This hasn't been available since the 80's. Check out the Custom Options available on these Harness Leather Belts. Two new Ponderosa Wallet sizes
  So, you are skeptical about buying on the internet and the products and companies found there, so are a lot of people. My own sister asked me if I really make this stuff or just "get it in". Well, Read "Comments", "About LGC" and "Ordering Info" on the main menu. Learn about card processing and where in the "Real World" I am. All e-mail answered promptly.

For phone contact and address see "Ordering Info" button on main menu. Keep in mind that I can't be on the phone and make this stuff too. If no answer, e-mail me instead.

  This site is updated in some way daily. If something doesn't work, or doesn't load properly, please let me know. There has been a recent change of web hosting which is an opportunity to recheck pages and make changes in what we offer. Sorry ladies, no more handbags. I got to look at them again when I made the delete... they were real nice and something to be proud of. I still have a lot of handbag leather I just don't have the desire anymore.

By Henry Hibbard