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Tooled design on belt

Our Custom Handmade Harness Leather belts are made in the USA in all sizes, including king size belts (XL) long leather belts, and (XXL) extra long harness leather belts. These belts are custom made one at a time, with or without buckles, in the width, color, and choice of other custom options and accents you select. Whatever Harness leather belt you need is available here, direct from the Craftsman's Bench. Ranger Belts are now available on their own page in both Harness leather and the more supple Bridle leather. Plain leather work belts made in the USA in four colors, are available on their own page along with Double thick Construction/Gun belts.
Bridle Leather Belts are also available on their own page.

  Custom accent options available include, all widths up to 2-1/2", harness stitching in 3 colors, a hand tooled design, basket weave embossing, double edge groves, 2 styles of lettering, or a combination of these options, as well as hand stained plain belts up to 70" waist size.
Harness Leather Belt
  The leather I use is the best American Full Top Grain Oak Tanned Harness leather available. I use expensive (more than twice the price) pit tanned leather Shoulders, Bends, or Backs, depending on the length needed. There may be natural markings if you look really close, proof that this leather is the real deal, instead of some man made or plastic material.
  If you want a real handmade leather belt made in the USA you have come to the right place. Read what customers say about these belts on the comments page and at the bottom of this page.
  Custom made Harness Leather plain belts are made for $51.75 if ordered without a buckle. This really is a good deal for a quality product that you will enjoy using for years. Would you rather buy a new cheap belt every few months or have one you can count on that improves with use that you can admire and enjoy every day when you put it on.
Our Made in the USA custom belts have beveled and burnished, edges, they are dyed, sealed, waxed, and buffed by hand with attention to detail by an experienced craftsman.
Let's be real, people pay more for plastic and generic soul-less production made leather belts in mall stores every day. Basketweave & wheat stitching on belt
  These belts are the custom handmade leather shop belts I made in the 70's and 80's. (Actually, they are slightly thicker and are more finished). They are cut from 9-10 oz double shoulders (9/64" - 5/32" thick) and are just the right weight for a good solid belt. How thick is that?... about the thickness of a stack of 2 nickels and up to 2 nickels and a dime if you specify that it will be used as a gun belt. FINALLY! I have my good colors back! I now have the old Dye colors made from the original formula! WOW! What a difference!

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OK Lets make your belt
  I'll help you build your custom belt one step at a time with all the information you need to make your choices. There are a lot of options so be sure to read all the info to insure satisfaction. It might help to have a pen and paper to write down your choices as you go, so you will be ready to select your options at the bottom of this page.
  If you only want a Plain leather work Belt, check out the Work Belt page for quicker and easier ordering. For ordering a custom made "Belt without buckle" on this page, my "Shortcut Links" will speed up the process.
  I actually cut the leather for these handmade belts based on the information that you provide, I have to... with all the options, there are over 614,400 different belts that can be ordered from this page! All the info is here, have fun building your belt.

 STEP 1: You will need to choose a buckle for your belt unless you have your own.

  If you have your own buckle, and are ordering a belt without a buckle, there are two things you will need to determine when you order. Do you want the "Tongue Slot" where the leather folds (the slot punched in the leather on the buckle end of the belt), and do you want the "Keeper Loop" (the leather loop next to the buckle). Belt fasteners
  You will also need to choose a "Finish" for the Chicago Screw fasteners, shown on the right, that will match your buckle. They fasten the buckle to the belt and come in brass and nickel. The "Chicago Screws" look like a rivet but with a bottom that has a screw driver slot and unscrews to exchange buckles. They are stronger and flatter than snaps. If you want snaps or want the buckle permanently fastened with rivets instead, leave a note in the special request box at checkout. Black screws can also be special ordered in the request window at check out.
Click on the link below for additional measuring and ordering info
Tongue slot? Chicago Screws? Keeper Loop?
belt help

  If you want a special width belt without buckle, select the closest size and put the actual width in the comments window you will find during the checkout process. OK, if you have your own buckle you can go down to Step #2

If you require a buckle:
  Decide if you want a 1-1/4", 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" wide belt. (Other narrower widths are available on the dress belt page) Then choose a buckle of the proper width for the belt you want. Check your belt loops, especially for 1-3/4" belts, to be sure that the width you order will fit in them. This is thick leather and 2 thickness of leather have to fit in one of the loops. The leather may be cut 1/16" narrower than the buckle size for clearance on wide belts.

Buckle #1   These polished solid brass buckles are not the cheap die cast zinc plated buckles that are standard on belts found in stores.

Buckle #1
The #1 buckle shown on the left is available in solid brass and nickel over solid brass for 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 1-3/4" wide belts. Nickel is a shiny chrome finish and reflects other colors in these photos.
Belt Buckle #2 Buckle #2 is a center bar buckle in polished brass and nickel over solid brass for 1-1/4" 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" wide belts.
belt Buckle #2
Belt Buckle #3 Buckle #3 is available in nickel over solid brass for 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 1-3/4" wide belts. #3 Brass is available for 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" belts. Buckles of this type (Center Bar) do not require a keeper loop.
belt Buckle #3
belt Buckle #4 Buckle #4 is available in polished brass for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" width belts.   belt Buckle #4
belt Buckle #5 Buckle #5 in Polished Solid Brass for 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" width belts. 1" width is available on the dress belt page
Belt Buckle #5
Belt Buckle #6 #6 roller buckle is available in Brass finish and Stainless Steel or nickel plate depending on width.
  Belt Buckle #6
  The Roller buckle with double prongs is also available in nickel plate finish for 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2", and 2-1/2" belts. Double prong buckles are fastened with rivets.

belt Buckle #7 Buckle #7 is available for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" wide belts in solid brass and nickel over solid brass. The fixed prong engages the hole and looks like a normal end bar buckle when buckled. This buckle is available with a matching metal keeper loop or a leather keeper loop as shown below.
belt Buckle #7 belt Buckle #7
  The belt above is Med. Brown with basket weave embossing and wheat stitching.

#8 1-1/8 inch wide three piece buckle set with antique Nickel Silver finish. Choosing this set orders a 1-1/8" wide belt.

This buckle set shown on Black, Med. Brown, and Lt. Brown, belts with basketweave, and wheat stitching.

Click on images for larger views.

belt Buckle #9 Buckle #9 Brass available in 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" width. This functional buckle has been popular for years

belt Buckle #10 Buckle #10 is available in Brass or Nickel in 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" widths

Buckle#11 Solid brass, and nickel over solid brass in 1-1/4" width.

Buckle#12 Solid brass, and nickel over solid brass in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" widths. Similar to #11 but with a slimmer profile.

More really nice buckles are available on the Dress Belts page. Some are in Metric widths and it would be too confusing to show them here.

STEP #2: Determine the "Center Hole Length" to order.

This diagram shows how I will use the center hole length you supply to make the belt you order. This length to order is different when ordering a handmade belt WITH a buckle than it is when ordering a belt WITHOUT a buckle. Study the upper belt diagram if ordering a belt without a buckle, then scroll down to step #2B
  If ordering a belt WITH a buckle, scroll down and study the lower diagram.
Mobile users- Use bottom scroll bar to see all of diagram.

Measure Leather Belt

Measure Leather Belt

If you are ordering a handmade belt with a buckle:

  Use the lower diagram to determine your "Center Hole Length". Measure the length of the belt you are now using, from the prong (or pin) on the back of the buckle, to the hole in the belt that you normally use. Your new belt will be made using this length so that your new belt will be worn on the middle hole as shown in the diagram.
  Pants are sized to fit your "actual" waist measurement against your skin. Belts need to be longer than that because they go over the top of your clothing. The circumference= Pi x Dia. so 3/8" on each side of your hips for shirt and pants adds .75" to the dia. multiply that by 3.1416 and you find that the belt needs to be 2.35" longer, 1/4" thickness of clothing adds 1.57" Humm... Better and easier to just measure your belt don't you think? Actual practice has shown that this measurement is about 2" more than waist size.
  DO NOT go by a number printed on the back of your belt. Other manufacturers may take that 2" into account when they mark their belts so MEASURE to be sure. Your belt may have stretched with use if you are ready for a new one, so don't just go by what you ordered last time, after all, that was probably 10 years ago if you bought the belt from here.

  The "Center Hole Measurement" is the controlling dimension and remains the same no matter what the number of holes are or what their spacing is. Don't worry about "Overall" length, I only need "Center Hole Length" as shown on the diagram above. Do not guess at the waist size of someone you have not seen for 2 years. I measure on this end, you measure on your end. As a final bit of wisdom... if you do not own a tape measure... Confucius say, "Cheaper to buy tape than get belt that don't fit".

  For men's belts, with a buckle, the "Center Hole Size" is usually 2" more than the waist size of the pants you wear. Women may wear pants lower on their hips. So, women, decide where you want to wear it and measure that length. There is no way to figure it out using your waist size.

STEP #2B: If you are ordering a belt WITHOUT a buckle:

  Your "Center Hole Length" is the length from the fold in the leather to the belt center hole. REALIZE that attaching your buckle will make the belt longer. On trophy or western type buckles it is the distance from where the leather attaches to where the pin is. It is up to YOU to allow for this. I do not have your buckle! I do not know how much it will add to the length!

Belt Buckle This shows the back of a "Western" or "Trophy" type buckle. Only the part that adds to the length of the belt has to be taken into consideration. You don't even have to worry about this if you simply measure a belt you have (with your buckle attached) from the fold in the leather where the buckle attaches, to the hole that fits best with that buckle, as shown on the "Center Hole Length Without Buckle" diagram above. Then simply order "Without buckle" using this measurement. Trophy or Western type buckles usually do not need the loop or the slot.

For those ordering a ranger belt, you are ready to go back to Ranger Belt Page. Those buying a Harness Leather Belt, continue to scroll down.

Hole Spacing

My handmade belts normally have 5 holes 1" apart with 5" from the longest hole to the end of the belt, so that the longest hole is useable. Double keeper loops usually require a longer tongue to make the longest hole useable. You can have fewer holes, or seven holes, and less length on the tongue if you want. (leave a note in the special request/comments window at checkout if you want more holes or different spacing) The belt will normally be made so that you will wear it in the center hole. 7 holes will work the same way.
  This is an Important Feature for the Extra Long Belts that isn't offered on manufactured belts. Belts over 50 inches long will come with seven holes. Maybe 2 keepers would be good for you, just let me know.
  The belts to the right are Med. Brown and Lt. Brown.

Belt Colors belt colors Black   Dark Brown   Medium Brown   Light Brown   Tan

Hand staining natural leather is like staining wood. Every piece is different. That is one of the things that gives my belts soul, magic, excitement or whatever it is that production belts lack. The colors above are as close to the true colors as I can get. have adjusted the colors to be as close to the true color on my monitor as I can. In actuality the colors in hand finished leather will vary within the same piece of leather similar to the way the color of wood varies in antiques.
  In the standard colors I use special dyes that give my belts a fine Antique Finish. The belts with the Inca design have more contrast because of the Black finish that is rubbed into the pattern. The Tan is a British Tan luggage color, Lt. Brown is darker with less orange, Med. Brown is more red brown, and Dk Brown is really dark. Natural unfinished leather is a flesh color, that darkens a little with age and sunlight. It is unsealed so you can use whatever treatment on it that you like. I have other solvent type dyes for other special order colors, like Navy Blue, Red, Purple and Green. You can request these colors in the request window on the checkout page. Custom colors are not returnable.

  The harness leather belts are finished with Leather Balm (with Atom Wax). After break in you can use another thin coat, applied with a sheepskin pad and buffed, to make your belt even better. This product is available from the "Supplies" page. You will save on shipping if it is included with your belt order. It's good for use on all smooth finished leather goods.

  The back of the belt can be left "Natural", Sealed with a clear sealer to make it smooth, or dyed the color of the belt and then sealed. For Black belts we recommend an undyed sealed back.

OK, STEP 3# You now have the information you need to order a plain belt. Now lets look at the "Accent" options.


Tooled Belt Hand Tooled Belt
  Every hand tooled harness leather belt using this design is unique, using a variation on the pattern shown. I make this pattern by hand, to fit the length of the belt you order, between the buckle and the shortest hole. The belts above right have the Inca tooling and Wheat stitching. They are shown in Lt. Brown and Med. Brown with the #4 brass buckle.
  This is not a pattern done with a roller in a production machine. This is deep hand stamping done with tools that I made myself, specifically for this design. This design is a good choice for use with silver American Indian buckles. This design is a very complex interlocking of circles and squares. I accentuate the tooling pattern with a dark finish in the recesses, this gives a deeper antique finish. The Inca tooling can be combined with the Double Groove Border as shown below.
Tooled with Groove Border
Or with edge stitching as shown on this lt. brown belt made for a trophy type buckle.


  Traditional Oak Leaf pattern shown below is only available on 1-1/2" and wider hand stained Harness Leather belts and as shown here on Natural Oak Leather.


  The edges of the belts above show the double grooved edge accent. The top belt is Lt. Brown the bottom one is dark brown. Unlike production belts the groves run around the tip instead of straight off the end of the belt. This accent can also be harness stitched in one of the grooves or between the grooves on wider belts, as shown on the dark brown belt with wheat stitching below.


  It's a Harness Leather belt so why not have some harness stitching as an accent? It's available in Black, Brown, and Wheat color thread. Brown thread is shown on the belt below, Wheat is a light tan color and is shown on the Basket weave belt shown farther down.

  Want something more? How about the two keepers option. Note that keepers are only used on end bar buckles like the one shown below. belt loops


  Basket Weave Embossing, shown unstitched on a 1-1/4" Lt. Brown belt, and with Wheat stitching on a Med. Brown 1-1/2" belt. The double groove, Lettering, and stitching accents can be used with the Basket Weave embossing.


custom leather belt with name
Leather belt with name   3/4" high Capital Letters are stamped on the center back of the belt and accented in darker color on lighter colored belts. The Traditional Lettering is shown on the tan belt and Script Lettering is shown on the dark belt. Lettering can be centered in the Inca Design, and the Basket Weave pattern. Select the style of lettering and enter the lettering you want in the "Inscription" window. Enter any additional info in the special request window during check out. Belts Stamped with lettering are not returnable so be REALLY sure you measured correctly.

leather Belt   Some of the accent choices with the #1 brass buckle are shown on the right. Now that you have your choices for the top of the belt, let's consider the back of the belt.
  The back of your belt can be left natural, sealed, or it can be dyed the color of the belt and sealed. Traditionally the back of handmade belts have been left natural, this shows some of the effects of the belt having been handmade. Dying the back of the belt gives a cleaner more uniform finished production look... which you never see when you are wearing it. The back of Black belts should be left natural or sealed.

  For belts without buckles: If you have a metric or non standard width buckle, enter the width needed in the special request window at check out.

  The "Size Options" button corrects the price for LARGE and KING SIZE belts up to 70" long. These belts are priced at the Regular price plus $11.00 - $13.00. They are cut from
"Backs" or "Double Bends" which are longer and more expensive than "Double Shoulders". If you are ordering a longer belt, consider the Bridle Leather Belts. The Bridle leather only comes as "Backs" so there is no additional charge for longer belts.

  To have a custom belt made in the USA that is not offered here contact Henry directly

Click on Ordering Help and Frequently asked Questions if you need more help measuring your center hole belt length and selecting options.


When ordering please make a choice in each box even if you don't think it matters. This isn't a goverment form, the questions are asked for a legitimate reason. My computer uses this information to print out your work order and speeds delivery. Not answering a question makes me email you and ask.


  I've gotten a real deal on Horsehide leather enabling me to offer free shipping on ALL orders containing a Horsehide wallet while this batch lasts. The Horsehide leather has an open grain, natural "distressed" finish. I will remove the shipping amount from your order before charging your payment method. This charge removal will not show at checkout.

Handmade Harness Leather Belts
Make a choice in each box
$74.75Width:  Buckle:  Buckle Finish:  Loop:  Size:  Length:  Design:  Grooves:  Color:  Stitching:  Inscription:  >: Belt Back:  Measure: 
What customers say about my belts:

Outstanding communications, professional work and great quality of goods! Second time customer who is very, very satisfied! Cant go wrong if you follow the guidance on the website.
Edward Stensjo

  This is the best quality belt I have ever owned! The fit is perfect, the attention to detail you put into the workmanship shows the care it was made with. I considered belts that were double your price, but after looking at your website I decided to try yours. It was as if you made this belt for yourself, then sent it to me. I ordered this belt on Sunday, May 1 and received it Wed, May 4, I have never gotten anything that fast when ordering from the internet before. I'll be purchasing my leather products from you from now on. And, it's made in the USA and NOT MADE IN CHINA!
Thank You,
Hilliard, FL

I received the belt today. Thank you. It is exactly what I wanted. I am very impressed. I have owned belts from Orvis, Galco, and Filson and yours beats them all- in quality, craftsmanship and style. I'm sure this belt will last a long, long time. Thanks for such an excellent product. I will be contacting you soon for some other items.
All the best,
Jeff Beal

Even my wife (who can be a very severe critic) has expressed great admiration for these two creations of yours. Also, several of my locker room buddies have admired them. Haven't gotten you any added sales as yet, but we are trying.
Best regards,
Pat Davis

  Good memory! ... Nice belts, by the way. It feels good to have a solid strap, ungaudy belt. Even retail cheap belts are $30-$50 nowadays and latigo at best, plastic at worst so this is a good deal - don't raise your prices until after this one!
  Thanks for taking the time to get it right.

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By Henry Hibbard