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Bridle Leather Work belts are shown below. You will notice that the center bar buckles don't use a keeper loop. If you still want a loop there is a menu choice where you can add it for $2.00 more. A leather keeper loop does come with the roller buckle, which is an end bar type buckle.
leather belt buckles


  This popular style buckle is the same #2 solid brass as on the harness leather belt page. The buckle can be mounted with Chicago screws so that it can be replaced with a different center bar or trophy type buckle of your own should you want to do that. The Chicago screws are stronger and lie flatter than snaps. If you change your buckles often and would prefer snaps that option is also available. If you plan to use this belt strictly as a work belt and won't be changing the buckle, the rivet option is the best for you. I selected this oval buckle because it is a popular shape used by most belt makers (They use a cheaper thinner zinc version of this buckle).
leather belt


A customer noticed that the oval buckle, because it is curved, can ruff up the edges of the belt with use. I knew that. If you cinch it up by just pulling it back it will scuff up the edges, it's just what happens with that shape buckle. A coat of leather balm will fix it up once it's broken in... but when you're right... you're right.
  He said, "Forget what others offer and provide a better shape buckle". So, I'm also offering the #3 Garrison buckle, shown on the left, in solid Brass and solid brass with Nickel finish. This buckle will keep your work belt looking better and lasting longer. Watching baseball I see that Umpires use this buckle. Police use it also. I've made the roller buckle shown on the Harness Leather belt page available also. That's another good buckle for a work belt.

  The plain brown belt with the brass oval buckle is shown below. The bottom part of this belt picture (because of the lighting) looks like the Dark Brown color.
leather belt


leather belt   The harness stitching option is available on this plain belt for $6.00. This is a good upgrade to choose, stitching takes the stretch out of belts, though this leather isn't really stretchy. I like the Tan belt with wheat stitching and the brown belt with black stitching. The tan belt on the left has brown stitching. You choose your own combination. Other custom tooling options that can't be done on this leather, because this leather comes with a sealed top grain, are available on belts ordered from the Harness Leather Belt page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to order this Belt.
  To get the proper length belt, measure your old belt using the diagram below, or add 2" to your pants waist size. Better measure though, you may think you wear 38", when your wife has been buying you 42" for the last 10 years.
  Plain belts are available up to 44" center hole length. Longer belts are available on the Harness Leather Belt page.
  The center hole length is the size you are ordering and is measured as in the diagram below when we make your belt. Measure your current belt from the buckle end to the hole you are using. Your new belt will then fit properly on the center hole. leather belt
Be sure to measure correctly to ensure satisfaction, you can leave a more exact size and special requests in the comments window on the checkout page. BELTS ARE NOT RETURNABLE BECAUSE OF INCORRECT SIZE that extra 2" you need has been cut off and is in the scrap bin.

  If you are ordering a belt without a buckle see measuring instructions on the harness leather belt page. Tell us if you want the tongue slot or not and nickel or brass so we know which Chicago Screws or other fasteners to use.


leather belt color
    Tan,      Brown,   Dark Brown,    Black     Burgundy


  I've gotten a real deal on Horsehide leather enabling me to offer free shipping on ALL belt orders containing a Horsehide wallet while this batch lasts. The Horsehide leather has an open grain, natural "distressed" finish. I will remove the shipping amount from your order before charging your payment method. This charge removal will not show at checkout.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

$67.75Belt Width:  Center hole Length:  Color:  Buckle Finish:  Buckle:  Fastener:  Stitching Option:  Keeper loop: 

Take a look at the Hand Sewn Working Mans Wallet before you check out. Add it to your order and save on shipping.